Shot entirely on location in and around Chris Hicky's hometown of Forrest City, Arkansas, the making of The Grace of Jake is an uplifting story in its own right. Funded through a Kickstarter campaign that included over 400 contributors, this production was grass roots from the word "GO!" A true community effort, countless family and friends were active parts of the production lending services such as catering, locations, lodging, transportation, craft services, and background. Chris' mom even made her famous spaghetti for the crew on numerous occasions! It was creatively mandatory for Chris and his team that this movie take place in the very location that was the initial inspiration for the story. As a kid growing up in and around cotton fields and crop dusters, gospel churches and gravel roads; Chris was steeped in the flavor of the Arkansas delta. He wanted to bring his debut feature home, and that is exactly what The Grace of Jake has done!
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