Fresh from prison, wayward musician JAKE HAYNES steals a car, says goodbye to California. His destination - Palestine, Arkansas, population 678. It's here among the cotton fields and gospel churches where his dad, HENRY HAYNES, lives and works as a crop duster pilot. Though they've never met, Jake holds Henry responsible for all of life's troubles and losses. Bent on revenge, Jake rolls into this one horse town hardened and lonesome. Yet it’s through an ensemble cast that includes DORIEN WILSON, LEW TEMPLE, and JORDIN SPARKS, that Jake soon finds everything in the middle of nowhere. And along the way he discovers his loving mother may have not been quite so innocent through it all. This tale of redemption drips with local flavor and is bolstered by a cast and crew featuring many Arkansas natives. A sumptuous tale as soulful as its surroundings, The Grace of Jake shines cinematic light on a part of the world not often celebrated for it’s own inherent grace.